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  "There's a tremendous amount of good could be done in this world, by connecting the right elements together, the right ways, for the right reasons;
By forming subcultures, inspiring innovations, revolutionizing old ways and creating new vision for new business by implanting beauty and arts in them; by developing 
new ideas and NEW WAYS for NEW era BUSINESS, with a new definition of success, a new understanding of profits for the business of the new age, new world and new consciousness."

ASI has created and developed an exciting groundbreaking vision for all that. now it's time for us to share it with those who has the same sentiment, same understanding, and  desire to do more, and be part of a culture of new ways of creating, new ways of succeeding and new ways of sharing. 
please review our presentation and see if you share our vision and like to  be part of it. if you like to share its success, enjoy its benefits and awards.
If you have been contacted by us or our representatives and invited to watch this presentation, congratulations, you are part of a selected group that we like to entertain the idea of welcoming you joining us as part of a revolutionary vision that will make a difference like never before, with its benefits more than exciting and awarding to all involved, spiritually, financially, culturally and politically, that we are very proud to speak about.


Arts Sports International Philanthropy with its "the Tennis Artist Athlete Entrepreneurs program" 
the first generation Athlete Entrepreneurs artbook publishers.
Please fill the questionnaire and contact us with all your contact info.

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If you wish to have an additional information about "the Power of Five" and its applications for your business and operation please visit our pages presented below. (ASI The Power of Five)   and   (0-15 Tennis Arts Club).
HOWEVER, We do recommend that you contact us directly with your questions that might be needed to be customized to your operation specifically due to a fact of the amount of data you may have to go through  to get an answer you need.
Thank you for your interest on ASI, in our vision and our operation. please contact us for your questions and inquiries from


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Arts Sports International Philanthropy in partnership with Antimatter Capital Hedge Fundslaunching their first project aimed towards Tennis Artist Athlete Entrepreneurs with the visionary0-15 ArtBook Magazines to establish the first generation Athlete Entrepreneurs for the new age Arts Sports & Commerce awakening with asi new age Philanthropy.

Please direct your questions to  for the 0-15 ArtBook Magazines concern   and  INFO@ARTSSPORT.COM   for the program concern. 
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