(a TRUE LOVE is the ONLY thing that matters)

Comedy . Romance . Drama . Thriller


A small-time movie director pretends to shoot a movie in a very small town with the help of the unsuspecting, and super excited movie enthusiast locals, to rob their bank to pay back the Mafia where his girlfriend manipulated him to borrow money from, where she stole and disappeared, and left him heartbroken, and make him marked for his life.


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A small-time movie director manipulated by his actor-wannabe girlfriend, for him to write and make a movie to make her famous, and tricked into borrowing money from the mafia boss to produce it, that she stole and disappeared with, broke his heart, and made him marked for his life. 
But the day all this happens, he also finds out that he is the sole beneficiary of the inheritance of his long-lost aunt who used to live in a very small town.
But when he goes to town to collect his inheritance, he realizes that it's not enough money to cover his debt to the mafia.
But in the process, he comes up with an idea that he could rob the small-town bank, by pretending that he's shooting a movie of a bank heist in a small town, with the help of a fame crazed locals, who are eager to please him because he's a real movie director and wanting to be in his movie.
Betrayed by his girlfriend, fighting for his life, lonely, craving for love and acceptance, who finds true love in this little town, gets in serious emotional conflict before robing the small town's bank, and leave everything he always was searching for in his life behind, and lose forever.
After robbing the bank, while he was pretending that he was shooting a movie, and running away for good with a million dollars, he realizes what he's about to lose, have a change of heart and return the money he stole. But only finds out that the money he stole was fake, made up by the bank manager who is a major movie enthusiast, that got so excited about the movie idea in their small-town, and didn't want to lose the opportunity by admitting that the bank was broke and they don't have the cash to steal.
Even though the scare of his life still exists because he still not have a million dollars to pay the mafia, happy nevertheless because of his newly found love, and tons of new friends who adore him, now facing an additional problem that will make him go to jail, that is created by a detective who was suspicious of the authenticity of this so-called movie and threatening to arrest him unless he convinces him that the movie shooting is real.
Now, all his plans to robing the bank to save his life from the mafia failed, he has to write and make a real movie to save himself from going to prison.
The story that him being the coward in it, transforms him to become the hero of it, by him choosing love over fear and on gambling on in himself,  which also turns a Hollywood nightmare, into an unexpected Hollywood happy-ending.